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Affordable Court Resource programs are a very efficient and low cost-effective way to navigate today's complicated legal system. With the many benefits of our program, your costs are always under control. In the event YOU determine an Legal Plan program attorney needs to be retained, you will have the peace of mind knowing a concerned program attorney will assist you at a discounted rate!

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Our Goal

The goal of Affordable Court Resource Program Attorney's is to help Individuals navigate the legal system at a reasonable cost. At Affordable Court Resources is to assist you in developing a Legal Plan and to help provide you with a full range of legal planning services including reviewing of legal documents, legal consultation through our program attorney's. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the code.

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Personal/Business Legal Consultations!

Just pick up the telephone and we will provide you a Legal Plan attorney for your free consultation. Peace of mind for your decisions! Once you have your options, choosing how to proceed is much easier. You may proceed on your own or retain the program attorney at highly discounted rates.

Letters and Telephone Calls!

The Program attorney can make the difference in resolving your issue. If your situation requires a letter to be made on your behalf, there is no charge to you for this letter or telephone call. Additional letters will be at discounted rates.

Substantial Discounts on Attorney Fees

When you don't want to go it alone even on pre-existing issues! You may retain the independent attorney as often as you wish; hourly rates are discounted and substantially less than normal fees.

Review of Your Legal Documents!

Know your rights before you sign! Have a program attorney review your documents. Your membership entitles you to have one document (up to 12 pages) reviewed at no charge! If changes are needed you can retain a program attorney at an additional discounted rate. Or, you may want to make the changes yourself. It's your option.

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A Comprehensive Last Will and Testament!

Don't leave this earth without one! It can tear a family apart. Legal documents are available for you to draft your own Will, or you can consult with a program attorney at their reduced rate.

Program Attorneys

Whether you're looking for a low cost divorce settlement, seeking the assistance of an or lawyer, thinking about filing for bankruptcy, or are fighting a criminal DUI charge, Affordable Court Resources can provide you with a qualified program attorney to assist you.

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Notice: Affordable Court Resources staff cannot provide legal advice. No information on this site should be used or interpreted as legal advice. Legal counsel is provided by legal plan attorneys as assigned.