Low Cost programs for Bankruptcy, Divorce, Criminal / DUI
and Credit Repair Guidance

Affordable Court Resources provides low cost Legal Plans to those seeking to avoid potentially costly and unnecessary legal fees. Let me help you side-step expensive pit-falls involved in obtaining professional legal assistance.

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I have 25+ years of experience in assisting individuals and business in resolving their legal issues through our unique Legal Plan Programs.

My network of Discount Plan attorneys provides more services at the lowest program rates! My programs are the most affordable choice in resolving your legal issue.

Contact Me for assistance and put your Legal Plan into action today!

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Financial Plan - We Accept Payments! Low Cost Bankruptcy Discharge

- To start bankruptcy Program Benefits.
- Chpt. 7 - Attorney and Filing fees (Customer pays directly to program attorney.)
- Two Certificates. (Customer pays directly to counseling company.)
- Total
  • Chpt.13 - Additional attorney fee's paid through bankruptcy courts.
  • Post Bankruptcy Credit Restoration
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Civil / Criminal / Other Plan - Starts at $330.00

Program attorney review and council on all issues.

Program attorney fee's additional at a reduced rate.

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Family Plan $570.00 - We accept payments!

Divorce With minor child(ren) - Divorce NO child(ren)

Custody/Child Support (parents never married) - Response/Answer(divorce action)

Divorce (modifications), Adoption (step parent or relative only)

  • (Family Plan - All filing/court fees are additional and paid directly to the county court.)
  • (Family Plan - In some cases court fee's may be waived.)

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Notice: Affordable Court Resources staff cannot provide legal advice. No information on this site should be used or interpreted as legal advice. Legal counsel is provided by legal plan attorneys as assigned.